Best Advertising Value - Hands Down!

Commercial vehicles are noticed right on the streets of Detroit by thousands of decision makers every day. The earliest peddlers would hang signs on their carts and today the largest corporations still recognize vehicle graphics as the most cost effective form of advertising... hands down.



Did you know …


Each marked vehicle can generate millions of visual impressions per year.

A marked vehicle will build brand awareness in your community.

Fleet graphics will serve to reinforce continuity when integrated into your overall marketing strategy.

A marked vehicle will keep your drivers accountable and will promote safe driving.


Remember …


A vehicle graphic is absolutely the most cost effective form of advertising!

You already own or lease the vehicles, so you're not paying for ad space.

The one time cost to produce and install graphics continues to work 24/7 for as long as the unit is in service, whether strategically parked or in transit.


For example …


If a truck graphic costs $500.00 and lasts five years, then $500.00 divided by 60 months equals $8.34 per month to reach thousands! Now compare that to any other form of advertising! Detroit's best advertising value is trusting your next vehicle wrap, fleet graphics and hot rod pinstriping to the pros at Motor City Street and Fleet.

Apples and Oranges - Theirs and Ours!

When it comes to the appearance of your fleet, the choice is clear. Those who want the best in vehicle graphics choose Detroit's trusted source for over 30 years, Motor City Street and Fleet.